East Coast Fraternity

East Coast fraternities do have a some things that are better than West Coast fraternities and a few things that aren’t as good. East Coast fraternities have the biggest fraternity houses in the fucking world. They have literal fucking mansions. When you look at some of them you will be like, “holy shit, is that the White House?” The answer will be no, that’s where a bunch of privileged white kids go to drink and get some ass.  In terms of fraternity life they have a more traditional fraternity life because unless you’re in some weird GDI freak fuck fraternity, your fraternity was founded on the east coast. The East Coast schools are filled with young white people who have money dating back since good old Chris Columbus sailed the ocean. In an east coast fraternity you can still haze without some hipster bitching out and getting your whole fraternity kicked off campus. If you like a nice crisp, brisk, chilly weather report the east coast is for you. They have some nice voluptuous women who are down to do just about anything from traveling, to going out and killing some animals. Another thing that east coast fraternities have is just a large backing from alumni. These guys donate large amounts of funds to the chapters and allow the chapters to just ball the fuck out.


West Coast Fraternity

The West Coast fraternity lifestyle has some things that are better than the east coast and some things that do not compare. For one, west coast colleges have the hottest girls in the entire country and you can go ahead and quote me on that. No matter what color hair or skin tone they have the majority of these girls are just drop dead gorgeous. I would give my left hand to bang some of the girls that they have out there. West coast fraternities do not really have a traditional fraternity life style. Some schools still have large fraternity houses but many don’t. Just because many do not have large houses anymore does not mean that their Greek life is huge. On the west coast the weather is constantly perfect which leads the guys and gals to throw some of the biggest pool and beach parties in the nation. Yes, this means that it is bikini season all year round and who doesn’t fucking love to see that. Also with the perfect weather, west coast fraternity’s tend to fucking kill it when it comes to formals, socials and philanthropies.  The night life at west coast schools is insane. They have some of the best clubs and bars in the nation and have whole towns dedicated to just college life. The type of people that are in west coast fraternities tend to make a lot out of themselves because not many have daddy’s money to back them up, (Some do though and it’s pretty frat.) Many people in west coast fraternities are innovators and make themselves out of nothing this is good in the business world, but also it results in them throwing some out of the box outrageous parties.


East Coast fraternity’s and west coast fraternity’s are very different but still hold the same letters so this isn’t about who is better just stating some facts about the two. Both have their pros and cons and both have some things that are better than the other. In the end, both are about equal it is just what you prefer cold weather and mansions or the most beautiful girls in the world and apartment complexes.

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