1.Alpha Class


In this revealing look behind the closed doors of the fraternity world, Alpha Class tells the story of a small group of college kids at the biggest party school in the nation. After pledging and enduring the rough, onerous, and vile “Hell Week”, the group of young men are inducted into the brotherhood, but their celebration would not last for long as the Fraternity that they have just joined is kicked off campus. After their Fraternity is banned from campus, they set out to build a new, ideal brotherhood and create a new Fraternity on campus. But tensions arise causing a divide between those who desire the pleasures of now and those who want the fruits of the future. Danny McManus narrates and produced by D-Mak Productions, the rise and fall of this torn fraternity and it’s controversial story of parties, politics, and betrayal. The reason why this makes it to the top of the list is because it is a true story the rise and fall of a chapter. This film is not a typical Hollywood comedy like most Fraternity films are it is real life and everyday situations that happen in the Greek System and especially in Fraternities. It gives you the sense that you are right there with the members. It is something the Greek affiliated members and Non-Greek affiliated members can understand and relate to.

2. Animal House Frat-House-Film

This is a extremely comedic look into the wildness that happens in Fraternity life. It is based back in 1962 when Fraternity life was crazier than one could even imagine. The movie is about two fraternities the prestigious Omega Theta Pi and the party animals Delta Tau Chi. The Dean of the University wants the Delta’s kicked off campus because they drink and party to much. The whole movie is filled with hilarious situations in which the Deltas get themselves into. They are eventually kicked off campus and are trying to regain their charter with the school throughout the whole movie and will go to endless lengths to see if they can get their chapter back.



This movie has made it to the list because of it relevance to every Fraternity and their rituals when it comes to pledges. The main character Adam Buckley finds himself in the middle of a convenience store robbery during his last night as a pledge for a college fraternity. The Pledge master asks him to rob a convenience store as an initiation ritual, but only asking for the exact number of change from when the Fraternity was founded. When the initiation ritual goes horribly wrong, and every move proves disastrous, Adam is forced to confront a new challenge all together, and he has to take a stand. At the end everything that they have tried to prevent still results in death. is is a scary and eye opening film to anyone that is Greek affiliated because of how simple things can turn horribly wrong. Every Greek affiliated organization, may it be a fraternity or sorority has an ritualistic initiation process. unfortunately in this film the fraternity at hands goes completely wrong.

4.Old School Frat-House-Films

This is a classic Hollywood comedy starring Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Farrell. Attorney Mitch Martin (Luke Wilson) breaks up with his girlfriend when he accidentally discovers that she takes part in . He finds a house located near the campus of the fictional Harrison University in New york . He soon finds out that the house that he just purchased is on University property and that he is being evicted by the University. he spent all of this money on the house and is in desperate to keep the house. One of his friends portrayed by Vince Vaughn throws him a huge party in his honor. They then start doing a bunch of research trying to find any way that he could keep his house. Then they start to wonder how to start a fraternity because they find it is the only way that they will be able to keep the house on the University property. They end up doing the whole “Go Greek” aspect which includes rush and getting new members. This movie despite being a comedy and extremely funny is somewhat educational in the sense it shows real steps that people must go through in order to start a fraternity and join Greek life.

5. PCU


Preppy pre-freshman Tom Lawrence visits Port Chester University, a college where fraternities  have been outlawed and political correctness is rampant on campus. During his visit, accident-prone Tom manages to make enemies with nearly every group of students. He eventually finds a group of students who call themselves “Balls and Shaft” and they want the outlawed Greek System back on campus. This group currently lives in on the of the Greek fraternity houses. The group ends up fighting with many other social clubs until finding unity in the end. This movie portrays how Colleges and Universities who do not have Greek life work and how hard it is for them to establish Greek life back onto the campus.

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