1. Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi was founded on June 28, 1855 at Miami University in Ohio. Sigma Chi’s goal for the next year (2015/2016) is to raise $1.2 million dollars. Every dollar funds research that pursues the most novel and innovative projects with immediate implications in caring for cancer patients. This seems possible because Sigma Chi currently has 246 active Chapters across the country and last year raised $1,436,883. With these great things in terms of philanthropy and numbers are fantastic there is still a stigma that comes along with Sigma Chi members. The type of guys that Sigma Chi generally has is a typical “frat boy” style and mentality. A member of Sig Chi does not own a shirt size larger than a medium and wears “Chubby’ brand shorts so short you could think that they are his girlfriends. Speaking of girlfriends there is a %100 chance that he cheats on his girlfriend. These guys tend to work out a lot which makes them seem fairly appealing to the top sorority houses at each school, but they eat like birds. Their meals consist of kale salad and nuts. This in term effects their alcohol consumption drastically. They will sit by the pool all buff and what not and chug a handle of Captain Morgan or whatever is trendy at that time. Give them 2 hours for the booze to set in and they will be the drunkest little girls there. They will be trying to fight any guy that they think that they can beat up and if they aren’t fighting they will be puking all over each other saying “Bro, puke and rally.” The funny part is that they don’t ever rally they usually just curl up around the toilet and have their girlfriends that they cheated on earlier in the day take care of them. The reason why they do so well in their philanthropies is because the girls like them and in turn always have good turnouts for their events and donations. So congrats Sig Chi you found a way to be on top and have extremely small livers.


Fraternity-association2. Sigma Phi Epsilon or Sig Ep

Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded on November 1, 1901 at Richmond College which is now known as the University of Richmond. Sig Ep is one of very few national organizations that has chosen to abolish the pledging process. Sigma Phi Epsilon has approximately 240 chapters nationwide, with over lifetime 315,000 members. Their national philanthropy is Big Brothers Big Sisters. Last year they raised $219,538 through philanthropy. These guys have done well on a national level for sometime now, but a lot has changed for them. They have gotten rid of the pledge process altogether which basically just makes them a club. The point of a fraternity is to go through the pledge process with your pledge brothers, go through the shit whatever it may be and come out an initiated man and better for it. That pledge process builds a bond with your pledge brothers that will never be broken and Sig Ep has gotten rid of that. Fraternity? How about exclusive drinking club. On a national level many people just can understand the elimination of the pledge process, but that has nothing to do with the members. A typical Sigma Phi Epsilon member is usually a pretty great guy. These guys have the frat attire down, they dress like they went through their grandfather’s closet and found his old boating clothes. Beside dressing like a typical frat douche, these guys actually kind of drink. When I say kind of I mean kind of they are moderate drinkers they are never blacked out having the time of their life they are more of out going people drinking like four to five beers. The thing about the members of Sig Ep is that any given night down at the club you can see them dancing to Rhianna’s song “Work”, which will have you questioning their sexuality.

logo-of-fraternity3. Delta Chi

Was founded October 13th, 1890 at Cornell University. Delta chi has 135 chapter across the nation. Their Philanthropies are concentrated around the Jimmy V Foundation for cancer research. Last year nationally they were able to rope in $94,000 through philanthropies. Delta Chi guys are really one of a kind. These guys are not the typical frat douche bags that you imagine every fraternity to be. The majority of them do not dress up in Sperry’s or wear polo shirts in a small/medium size. They are a group of guys that got together to booze, hit on chicks, and have a great time. Delta Chi chapters have a reputation of being one of the more athletic fraternities on campus. Delta Chi has a real sense of brotherhood from within their chapter. With that being said Delta Chi has the reputation of being a so called “druggy” fraternity. That is nonsense every single fraternity experiments in extra curricular activities not just them. The typically Delta Chi member is also a hard core boozer. These guys can drink and when I mean drink I am talking about three to five times a week. Most of the members do not really care about eating well or anything like that they exercise, eat what they want, and drink. They are notorious for throwing great parties. With that being said Delta Chi chapters and members always seem to be in the spotlight nationally and not in the good way. They party too hard and sometimes get caught for drinking and hazing allegations. Many Delta Chi Chapters are removed from campus which shows in their decline in numbers. These guys still have a very traditional pledge process which leaves them with a real sense of brotherhood.

fraternity-usa4. Phi Gamma Delta or FIJI

FIJI was founded at Jefferson College, Pennsylvania, in 1848. Phi Gamma Delta has 123 chapters across the nation. They donate to USO (United Service Organizations). This organization go to the troops overseas and provides fresh meals for them while abroad. Last year they raised $424,525 through philanthropy. Through this fraternity has raised a large sum of cash for our boys overseas their reputation among their members is different than their reputation with the troops. The average member of FIJI seems like a average guy, he is probably wearing a Hawaiian shirt is is somewhat friendly. But once you are at a party and you get an ounce of booze in a FIJI members system he becomes the creepiest mofo at the party. FIJI’s are the type of guys that really corner and girls by the bathroom and try to make their move. Nobody is sure why they are like this some say it because the excessive drug use, but nobody can be completely sure. Many FIJI chapters are much like that creepy uncle that mom tells you to stay away from.

images-of-fraternity5. Lambda Chi Alpha or Lambda

Lambda Chi Alpha is a young gun on this list, Lambda Chi Alpha was founded in 1909 at Boston University. Lambda Chi Alpha has two founding dates, March 22 and November 9. The founding of Lambda Chi Alpha still remains controversial to this very day. Lambda Chi Alpha has approximately 192 chapters nationwide. Their national philanthropy is Feeding America and last year they raised $50,238.  Lambda Chi is the fastest growing fraternity in the last century. Lambda got rid of their pledging process back in the 70’s so like Sig Ep they are basically just a drinking social club. Not guy likes their girlfriend to go around to other fraternities, but if your girlfriend is going to lambda you’re going to be alright. These are the type of guys that are still stuck in their high school days and don’t have the stones to even consider pledging. They don’t want to get their hair all messed up. These are the type of guys that joined a fraternity so it looks like they hook up with chicks but in reality they are using it as cover up because all of them are closet homosexuals. Also they have some weird philanthropy where they smash watermelons? I think it’s because they need to take out their anger and hatred that they have for their fathers.

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