1.Civil War

Civil war is considered the best drinking game, because of its rapid movement and excitement.  It is basically Beer Pong, but with PTSD.The beginning of the game there are three players on each team. Each player has six cups in front of them in a shape of a small triangle which represents their lives. The object of the game is to get all 18 of the opposing team’s cups out to win, but their are a few rules. To get all of the opposing team’s cups out like beer pong you shoot a ping pong ball into the cups. Once you get all six of the cups that are in front of an opposing player they are out but the rest of the team is still in until all of their cups in front of them are gone. You are not allowed to shoot a ball until the cup they have made is empty. Also unlike beer pong there are no turns the game. The game is in constant flow, if you miss a shot and get the ball back your are allowed to shoot again or give the ball to a teammate. Throughout the game there is no slowing down or stopping. With the fast pace and the chugging of beers the game can end quickly which means more rotations in teams so that more people can enjoy the fun. If you’re trying to get real shit wasted like Adam Sandler drunk this is the game for you.


2.Beer Pong

This is the original drinking game when it comes to ping pong balls and red solo cups. It starts off with ten red solo cups on each side and two ping pong balls. Each team takes turns on shooting at the opposing team’s cups. If both teammates make a cup on the same turn they are given the balls back and are allowed to shoot again. The object is to make all 10 cups before the opposing team makes all of your 10 cups. You might hear a term like “Island” which means that one cup isn’t touching the rest of them anymore and it is worth two cups. This is just a basic game so that alcoholics have something to do while drinking.



This game combines two of America’s past times together binge drinking beer and Baseball into one glorious game. Now baseball is a little more difficult when it comes to the rules, but once it is understood one of the best new games out there. Essentially it is just like real baseball but with ping pong balls and red solo cups. There are 4 people on each team with 4 cups in the middle of each side of the table that represent what the batter (the guy shooting the ball) can hit a single, double, triple and homerun. On the outside of the table are 3 cups on each side that represent the bases. If you hit the second cup while shooting you move to the second cup on the outside. Once on the outside cups (bases) you can choose to chug the cup then flip it and if you beat the guy on the other side that counts as stealing a bases and you can progress to the next cup. If you choose not to steal you just wait for your teammates to hit you in for a run. The batter only has three chances to make a cup if they do no that counts as an out. If the ball hit the cup but does not go in and someone on the opposing team catches the ball before it hits the ground that is also an out it is very much like the foul tip rule in real baseball. The runs are tallied up and you can play for how many innings that you would like. This game is the fucking tits, it keep you entertained and also gets you absolutely pirate drunk.


4.Flip Cup

The is one of the easiest drinking games and it is loved by all because of its simplicity. Everybody can play this game, girls tend to love it because for some unexplained reason. The game starts with equal amount of opponents on each side with one cup in front of each of them. The premises of the game is to chug your cup of beer as fast as you can then once it is empty. You put it on the corner of the table and try to flip the cup to its top. Once that is done the next person on your team goes. the object is to have your team drink and flip all of their cups before the opposing team. If you are trying to get the girls involved in some drinking games this is the game. Girls are weirdly good at this game because of their feathery light touch. Not to mention the game ends fast which means multiple rounds of pounding booze.


5.Kings Cup

If you don’t have many drinking game supplies, but are looking to get blacked out in some sort of constructive fun way? This game is for you. There are many different drinking games that include playing cards but this one is by far the best one. So basically you get a deck of cards and spread them in a circle around an empty cup. Every card has a different meaning and a short fun game that follows it, if you lose the game you drink. The cards meanings are: Ace= Waterfall (Can’t stop drinking until the person clockwise from you does), 2= You (Pick someone), 3=Me, 4= Whores (Ladies), 5= Drive (Everyone pretends to have a steering wheel in there hand if the chain of the way is broken they drink), 6=Dicks (Guys), 7= Heaven (Point to the Sky), 8=Mate (Choose a partner every time you drink they drink), 9=Rhyme, 10=Categories (Ex. Cars; Toyota, Nissan, etc.), Jack= Rule (You place a rule in play like no cursing), Queen=Question master (When this person asks you a question and you answer it you have to drink), Finally King= Pour some of your drink into the middle cup. Once the 4th king is pulled the game is over and whoever pulled that last king has to drink whatever mixture of booze is in the middle cup from the past 3 kings. You better eat like a whole pizza before this game because you’re going to need a big base so that you can hold all that booze down. Nobody wants to see you ralph all over the fucking place.


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