When first joining a fraternity there are many things that are running through your head. You are filled with excitement, fear and high expectations. If you ask any active member of a fraternity about their pledge experience they will say that their pledge semester was the best semester of their college career that they NEVER want to do again. Pledging a fraternity instantly instills fear in you from the horror stories that you have heard and from the heartbreaking hazing deaths that you have seen on the news.  All in all these types of situations occur once every blue moon. Your pledge semester will have it’s ups and downs with memories that you will never forget.

What table you visit at walk around will determine your friends, the girls you hang with, and your future net worth... no pressure.

What table you visit at walk around will determine your friends, the girls you hang with, and your future net worth… no pressure.

When rush week starts you go to walk around where you get to talk to every fraternity which usually is the most hectic day of your college career. When you are looking for the room that walk around is in it’s usually pretty easy to find because you will see a large group of freshmen guys herding like small children at Disneyland towards the same room. When you finally fight your way into the room you soon find out that it’s a cluster fuck. You walk around the room talking to the guys like it’s an E harmony dating event. You have to turn your man flirt on to find out which fraternity is right for you. After walk around you narrow down the fraternities that were least douchey and proceed to go to their fraternity rush events. The week is filled with man flirting and talking about bullshit you really don’t care about. You are honestly there because you need to get a bid from them to join and they usually have some food that is a tad better than that dining hall food that has been giving you the shits since you got there. At the end of the week most chapters will have an invite only event which really cuts the fat from the weirdos that you have seen rushing with you throughout the week. After that you hope to god that you get a bid from your top choice fraternity and if not all of your man flirting was for nothing and you are now questioning your sexuality.


Bid day is something that you will probably never forget for the rest of your time on this beautiful planet that we call Earth. Standing the long line of future frat god’s waiting to see if you got a bid is something you’ll never forget, mostly because the smell and shallow morals around you. When you finally get to the front of the line to receive your bid you’re instantly excited. You receive a form that will say wear your pledge attire which usually is formal attire with a specific colored tie to set you apart from the rest and to meet at a weird obscure location. Once at that location you see the rest of your pledge brothers dressed exactly the same way as you. You recognize a few of them from the rush events from the week before and say your hellos. Once the actives get there you realize, oh shit this is what I’ve heard about. The actives will force you into a van, truck, or car and literally start hazing your balls off in multiple different ways (Chapters Vary).  While getting hazed you’re literally thinking what the fuck am I doing here this shit fucking sucks, if I wanted to get yelled at I would’ve just called my dad. After getting hazed for awhile in some car in god knows where they let you out at the house and tell you to go in. Your thinking Jesus Christ more of this shit and once you open the door you soon realize that there’s a huge party waiting for you guys with more girls than a spring break MTV house. Champagne is being shot at you, beers are being tossed and it’s at the moment you think this fucking rocks. That night you experiment with some questionable vices and probably take a girl home to your little shit hole of a dorm using little to no protection. In the morning you think that every night is going to be just like that. Until, you get a call from some crazy ass, angry, hungover active that demanding that you come clean the party up or you’re dropped.


Throughout the semester you soon find out that you are now involved in a form of modern slavery except there will be no Abraham Lincoln to come save your ass. You find yourself doing countless errands for the active members in the fraternity and also having to learn the history of the fraternity. At parties it is almost impossible to hit on a girl for more than 20 minutes without an active member having you fetch a few shots or grabbing them a beer. You soon build a hatred towards a few of the active members who treat you like a slave. As the semester goes on you start to realize that it isn’t that bad once you get in a routine. Then, at chapter your pledge master tells you that there will be “events” this week and to clear your schedule. Fear instantly flows through your little pledge bones. Throughout the week the hazing events start and will have such things like loud music, small rooms, obscure nasty ass fucking food, quizzing on the chapter’s history and literally no to little sleep. When these events are happening you really start to learn a lot about your pledge brothers and create a sort of bond that you share with them. People will say hazing has no purpose but it does, it brings your pledge class together in terms of being in the shit together and becoming better because of it.


Your Pledge haircut inspiration

Throughout the semester some of your pledge brothers will quit or get dropped from the fraternity because they literally didn’t have the stones to go through or they were a creepy ass goober who didn’t fit in. As the semester starts to wind down you have that looming fear that Hell week is coming up. This is the week right before you get initiated and the actives get to have their last bit of “fun” with you. This is probably the worst week of your college career, finals week is child’s play compared to this week. It’s always a good idea to bring extra underwear because there is a high chance you will literally shit your pants.  Throughout the week you are not allowed to go back to your dorm or wherever you live and every night there will be a new creative “event” for you and your pledge brothers to complete. Most of the events will mentally and physically drain you to the point where you feel broken like some Japanese internment camp. There will be a few of your pledge brothers that will snap like Britney in 2007 and possibly start head banging and talking nonsense. You just have to keep in mind that initiation is around the corner and the grass is going to be so much greener.

Once Hell week is over initiation is the next day and you couldn’t be happier. While waiting in the room before the initiation process you feel like a little kid on Christmas. Throughout the whole semester you have been treated like a wet turd. The actives have made you feel worse then one of those bums at the freeway entrance. As you wait you think that after this you are going to get so shit wasted that you pee your pants, but one thing that you didn’t see coming is that the initiation process takes all fucking day. Once your fraternity goes through the whole pledge class with their ritualistic initiation process you can finally tell that one dick head active that has been giving you a hard time all semester to go fuck himself without any repercussions. You are finally free from the chains of pledging and can’t wait to go get boozed and wrangle up some tail. The next thing in your head is how are you going to make the next semester’s pledges lives a living hell.



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