Any type of large organized group of people or clubs need to have a smaller board of executives that see over all actions and activities being done. In terms of fraternity life that would be the IFC or Inter Fraternity Council. It’s kind of like a United Nations style executive board but the delegates are from each of the fraternities and they make decisions about Greek life. They hand out punishments and rewards. Most of them are a bunch of stuck up bookworms who literally have nothing better to do with their time.


Basically IFC has an executive board much like any other fraternity, but they have representatives from different fraternities and sororities. Except the IFC president usually rules over the IFC council much like Joseph Stalin, and the rest of the executive board members are compared to his backward twisted regime. Personally, I believe that these kids let the power get to their heads and let personal biases sway them to make terrible unjust decisions regarding rival chapters. These kids are literally a bunch of rat pack virgins that have zero fucking fun and decided to take that out on everyone else. 10 times out of 10 IFC members will be that kid at a fraternity chapter meeting preaching about how you shouldn’t have that “Yoga Hoes and Workout Bros” party because they claim it’s too dangerous, offensive and that you might get in trouble. The fact of the matter is no one is being offensive, the boys have been hitting the weights and who doesn’t want to see some slutty sorority girls in some tight clothing (Love that booty.) These kids are literally the fucking worst. Someone just needs to grab a beer bong, attach it to their mouth and pour a nice strawberry Four Loko down their fucking throat. These kids never loosen up and constantly have the most girthy sticks up their asses, it’s ridiculous. Most of these kids heroes are people like Hillary Clinton’s crusty ass or Mitt Romney’s Mormon self. Knock knock, sure they have great political and educational backgrounds, but they are BORING AS FUCK. You’re in your college prime, go get laid and booze heavy. This is literally the only time in your life where you can drink everyday and not be considered an alcoholic.


The purpose of the IFC is to protect Greek life so that the University doesn’t have to directly step in and dish out sanctions and punishments themselves. The theory of it is fairly bullet proof, but unfortunately it usually doesn’t end up happening like that. Like stated earlier these kids literally have nothing better to do with their time and tend to take things way too seriously. They end up dishing out really harsh punishments (things like sanctions and kicking whole chapters off campus). This is just complete bullshit because they think that they are protecting Greek life but are in turn destroying Greek life itself. Not to mention most of the members on the IFC Greek executive board are in some weird ass fraternity that you have never heard of. They are basically GDI’s (God Damn Independents). They are usually jealous that the real fraternities are just crushing poon and are having bangers so they have to take their spiteful vengeance out on the real fraternities that kick ass. The worst part about IFC is that it is so corrupt that most of the time if the IFC President’s chapter gets in trouble for getting an underage girl too drunk and sends her to the hospital, they just get some kind of a slap on the wrist. But if a real social fraternity that is top house at the University does the same thing they will get sanctioned for a year or some bullshit.


The IFC is very frustrating at times, but you just have to remember that it’s the only thing they have going for them. I mean, that and blue balls. They don’t get laid and rarely hit the bottle. One day they will look back at their college career and think “Wow, I just wasted four fucking years of my prime being a goddamn fucking square.” The message to the IFC’s out there – Start protecting Greek life instead of letting your virgin ass biases control your actions.


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