I originally set out to make this film in 2010 to tell my fraternity’s redemption story.  It was an insane and unique story on a controversial topic. I figured it was juicy enough to get me a good grade on my senior thesis project at the Cronkite Broadcast school in Arizona State University.

danny-mcmanus-alpha-classMaking it seemed simple enough; do a couple of interviews, get some footage of the fraternity processes, scan a few pictures, whip it all together and boom you got a 20 or so minute flick. I started by bringing a camera into the 1st chapter meeting of the year at our new fraternity complex. Normally this would be an unheard of no-no for any outsider, but I was the Vice President of the organization the previous semester and these were all of my best friends.

alpha-class-kegAll I really wanted to do was get some b-roll to use when telling the story of how we came to be. What started out as filming just one meeting turned into a couple more, which snowballed into filming every meeting, party, and event that happened in that entire school year. What unfolded in those countless hours of footage I could have never foreseen. I had a monster of a story on my hands, and wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.


When I had free time from running my video production company after graduation, I dedicated that additional time to completing this film. From 2011-2013 I cut the footage down from a 10 hour mini-series to a more compact 2 hours of raw footage. 2013 was spent finding everyone involved, filling out hundreds of release forms and cutting the film down even further to 94 minutes. 2014-2015 was dedicated to scoring the entire film from start to finish, color correcting and mastering the audio for distribution. What’s left is the first authentic documentation of a complete greek life experience at the largest party school in the nation. No frills, no sensationalizing, just the story of what happened.



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