In it’s August 25th, 2016 issue, Alpha Class was featured in a 2-page article in College Times Magazine. An excerpt from the article is as follows:

Danny McManus and Joseph Forte met when they pledges the same fraternity at ASU in 2006. After the Greek organization was disbanded, they recharted Phi Sigma Kappa. They didn’t anticipate that they would also watch that fraternity fall in front of their eyes – and their camera lens.

Upon graduation, the duo co-founded the Phoenix-based video production company D-Mak Productions in 2011. They will debut their first full-length documentary, “Alpha Class,” on September 13th and 14th at the Valley Art Theater in Tempe.

The film shadows a group of male students as it navigates its way through the tumult and tension of achieving brotherhood. It chronicles the ups and downs of fraternity life and what ultimately led to PSK’s demise. The documentary started as a project for one of McManus’ broadcast journalism courses.

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