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5 Banned Fraternities and What They Did

In Today’s media there is a lot about fraternities getting negative media attraction because of them really doing some messed up and just unethical stuff to get kicked off campus. To get kicked off campus at major University is a fairly difficult thing to do. Here is a list of five fraternities and what they […]

3 Best Things About a Fraternity

When joining a fraternity you expect a lot of benefits to just be thrown at you right when you start pledging, but that’s not how it is at all. Everything that a fraternity gives you is earned and well deserved at that. We have broken down the three best things that a fraternity gives you […]

13 Signs You Might be a Goober

In every single fraternity there are a few kids who just don’t quite get it. Here are 13 signs to see if you’re worthy of the Goob stamp. If you find that any of these relate to you go drink a sixer and think about life. 1. Never bringing a girl to the date party. […]

College Times Magazine Feature

In it’s August 25th, 2016 issue, Alpha Class was featured in a 2-page article in College Times Magazine. An excerpt from the article is as follows: Danny McManus and Joseph Forte met when they pledges the same fraternity at ASU in 2006. After the Greek organization was disbanded, they recharted Phi Sigma Kappa. They didn’t […]

Greek Life, Is It Worth It?

During the first week of school for a new student, there is a question that always arises; is going Greek worth it. You have heard both sides of the story. From the national news belittling fraternities for allegations sanctioned against them to the infamous party stories that legends are made from. For many people, it […]

Life of a Fraternity Pledge

When first joining a fraternity there are many things that are running through your head. You are filled with excitement, fear and high expectations. If you ask any active member of a fraternity about their pledge experience they will say that their pledge semester was the best semester of their college career that they NEVER […]