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A Fraternity Executive Board

When you first join a fraternity as a pledge you really look up to the guys that are running the meetings, which is the executive board. You are thinking that you want to be just like them and one day have their position…… And that’s where you’re fucking wrong. These types of positions look good […]


5 Friends You Meet in College

When you go off to college everything seems to become brand new to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to school across country or if you went to the State school right down the road. College is filled with a vast amount of new people and new experiences. Your parents are always going to […]

5 Different Types of Fraternities at Rush

There are about 5 different types of fraternities that you will eventually meeting during rush at the first day at walk around. Believe it or not every fraternity is different in their own distinctive way. During Rush you are probably the most excited you have been all semester you have heard so much about all […]

Top 5 Movies About Greek Life

1.Alpha Class In this revealing look behind the closed doors of the fraternity world, Alpha Class tells the story of a small group of college kids at the biggest party school in the nation. After pledging and enduring the rough, onerous, and vile “Hell Week”, the group of young men are inducted into the brotherhood, […]

Top 5 Fraternities in America

      1. Sigma Chi Sigma Chi was founded on June 28, 1855 at Miami University in Ohio. Sigma Chi’s goal for the next year (2015/2016) is to raise $1.2 million dollars. Every dollar funds research that pursues the most novel and innovative projects with immediate implications in caring for cancer patients. This seems […]

West Coast vs East Coast Fraternities

East Coast Fraternity East Coast fraternities do have a some things that are better than West Coast fraternities and a few things that aren’t as good. East Coast fraternities have the biggest fraternity houses in the fucking world. They have literal fucking mansions. When you look at some of them you will be like, “holy […]