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Form a New Habit in 66 Days for College Students

You are weeks going on months into the start of your semester and you still feel like you just can’t get it together. All of the pep talking you had with yourself at the beginning of the semester to be a better student just keeps getting thrown out the window every time you wait till […]

The Alumni Advisor

When walking into your first fraternity chapter meeting as a pledge you take a long look around the room to see what type of guys are in the fraternity that you just joined. You see a lot of preppy Scott Disick looking mother fuckers with the biggest lips of chew in that you have seen […]

5 Best Boozes For Your Buck

1.New Amsterdam Good old New Am is making to the top of our list because of its general cheapness and fairly good taste. At your local liquor store a 5th of New Amsterdam cost around $10.Yeah that’s right 10 fucking dollars, and handles goes for about $20. They have seven different flavors that go with […]

5 Players on Every Intramural Team

1. The High School Star This kid is by far the most talented player on the team. He usually played all four years of high school on the varsity team, but just didn’t have the skill to go to the next level. The reason why he didn’t make it to the next level usually has […]

IFC, Every Chapters Worst Enemy

Any type of large organized group of people or clubs need to have a smaller board of executives that see over all actions and activities being done. In terms of fraternity life that would be the IFC or Inter Fraternity Council. It’s kind of like a United Nations style executive board but the delegates are […]

Top 5 Best Drinking Games

1.Civil War Civil war is considered the best drinking game, because of its rapid movement and excitement.  It is basically Beer Pong, but with PTSD.The beginning of the game there are three players on each team. Each player has six cups in front of them in a shape of a small triangle which represents their […]