There are about 5 different types of fraternities that you will eventually meeting during rush at the first day at walk around. Believe it or not every fraternity is different in their own distinctive way. During Rush you are probably the most excited you have been all semester you have heard so much about all the fraternities and what they are about. You have done your research at dirty rush events and talking to that so called hot girl on your dorm floor that somehow  knows “everything” about each fraternity from her fours weeks at college so far. But, behind all the fake smiles and handshakes you will come to realize that each fraternity is unique in their own way that just do want you to find out just yet.

1.“Frat Bro” fraternity

First we have your typical “Frat Bro” fraternity. Now these are the guys that you have heard about since day one. They probably have had three to four dirty rush parties where you rope in every girl you know on your dorm floor in the hopes that they possibly let you in, but they don’t. They just take your girls and leave you sitting at the front door with your thumb in your ass. These are the really good looking guys at rush that have a mess of people around them. They usually have a really large chapter. Their chapter is so big that not everybody knows each other. Newsflash these guys fucking blow, the reason they look so pretty is because they have been eating kale salad for the past four months during summer. To be fair these guys do really well with the ladies, but in college girls are in abundance. Also in your typical “Frat Bro” fraternity you will find that they are constantly in trouble with the school rather it be with parties or hazing allegations. When it is all said in done these guys are usually considered “Top House”  constantly hanging out with a sorority like Kappa or Alpha Phi.


2. Athletic Fraternity

Next, we have the that Athletic Fraternity. Now these guys are really easy to spot during rush and that is because they usually those four foot tall trophies hanging over their table. This type of fraternity usually has a mid level number of guys to to many but not too few and usually are really close with each other. Now these are the guys that every single fraternity hates playing during intramurals they are loud, obnoxious, and usually really talented at every sport that they play. When you go to talk to them you hear about them talking about how many times they have won Greek cup and how they are looking for new athletic pledges to replenish the leaving seniors. The thing about these guys is that they have all tried out a team at the University at did even make the first cut. They will always talk about if “Coach had played me more” or “If it wasn’t for my bum knee.” The fact of the matter is that weren’t good enough for the next level and they will always relish in the past. These guys are usually really good with the ladies because they always go balls out for things like philanthropies which are usually sports related. Believe it or not girls usually like the “Try hard” type of guys. Fraternity-Rush

3. The Founding Father fraternity

Now there are two types of founding father Fraternities. First, is the kids that were in another Fraternity and they balled out so hard that they got kicked off campus and went on to start a new Fraternity. These guys are usually really cool guys and the ladies love them because of the excessive parties that they throw and the amount of good times that they have. There are two dangers of joining this type of fraternity and those are that they are always in danger of getting kicked off again and that these guys usually don’t mess around when it comes to hazing. The next type of founding father fraternity is the kids that were dropped or just didn’t get a bid from the Fraternity that they wanted during rush. These are the kids that are reading the books like “How to join a Fraternity”, but they end up reading a book like “How to start a Fraternity” because they are goobers and don’t have the stones to rush again. Because these guys are brand new usually don’t have any sorority relations and are still hanging out with the girls from their dorm floor. Rushing-A-Fraternity

4. The Mid Tier Fraternity

The Mid Tier Fraternity is probably the most common out of the five different types. These are the guys that show up for just about everything included University sponsored events and every single sororities philanthropies. They usually have a considerably small number of guys in the chapter, but with that being said they are usually very close and show a real sense of “Brotherhood”. They don’t care about fraternity rankings or anything of the sort they are just happy to be in Greek Life and to have a good time. With that being said they are usually getting dominated in just about everything such as sports, philanthropies, and recruiting just because of the lack of numbers. They usually always have girls at their parties. But these gals are never anything you would want to tell your buddy about the next day.


5. Nerdy Fraternity

Lastly, but certainly not least is that Nerdy Fraternity. These are the guys that have the highest GPA on campus and do not mind reminding you about it during rush. They do not have the largest chapter, but also somehow don’t have the smallest. These are the guys that are usually on IFC (Inter Fraternity Council). You really don’t want to mess with these guys because if your chapter gets in trouble they hold your fate. They usually get absolutely dominated when it comes to intramural sports, but kill it when it comes to fundraising for philanthropies. A Fraternity like this also usually has really good alumni relations and can probably help you find a job after graduation. You would think that these guys wouldn’t do well with the sorority girls….. and that is when you are wrong. Girls tend to love a nerdy guy who has a plan and knows what he is going to be doing with his life.



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