1.New Amsterdam


Good old New Am is making to the top of our list because of its general cheapness and fairly good taste. At your local liquor store a 5th of New Amsterdam cost around $10.Yeah that’s right 10 fucking dollars, and handles goes for about $20. They have seven different flavors that go with just about any chaser or drink you could imagine. The flavors are mango, red berry, peach, regular, gin, coconut and pineapple. They have just about every flavor under the sun so you could easily find a chaser that is compatible to make a tasty little cocktail. Not to mention is is %40 alcohol, yeah it will get your real boozed real quick.

2. Rolling Rock



Rolling rock is god’s gift to this beautiful planet we call Earth. It is a beautiful corn based beer that is perfect for all types of beer related functions. She has a beautiful can nice and shinny green with a powerful stallion horse logo. You can play beer games with it, Rolling Rock is every easy to chug. Also it has a pretty good taste so on a hot summer day you can crack a rice cold rolling rock and really just sip it too enjoys its natural flavors and is boozy after effects. It isn’t super watery like coors or keystone, it has something special behind it so you will never be bored with a nice case of Rolling Rock. She is also %4.5 alcohol. Rain makes corn and corn makes Rolling Rock.

3. Carlo Rossi, Sweet Red



If you’re looking for some old fashion jug wine this is your shit. This stuff taste like a goddamn Capri Sun, it’s delicious. I know you’re not supposed to chill wine but, pop this sucker in the fridge and get her real icy and I guarantee you that you could suck down a whole jug of this sweet nectar with an extendo straw. Also if you’re fairly young, chicks tend to dig this stuff because it isn’t dry or bitter like some real fancy wines can be. Also Carlo Rossi sweet red is %8 alc, some other flavors of Carlos rossi have more but sweet red is just so tasty. So go ahead and run to your nearest liquor store and purchase a jug of god’s nectar.

4. Ten High Whiskey



Ten High whiskey is the best cheap whiskey in the game hands down. The best way to drink this beautiful drink from the gods is with some orange juice. I know that sounds strange, but try it. It will rock your socks your socks off. You will soon find yourself sitting around drinking Ten High and next thing you know the whole bottle is gone it’s so damn good. We like to call it good old stump whiskey. You have a bad day and come home to a nice good old stump whiskey it will turn your day around. Plus it is %40 alcohol so you will get some bang for your buck. Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey.

5. Franzia, Sunset Blush



Good old Franzia. Franzia reminds you of your college days just taking box wine pulls. It’s surprisingly doesn’t taste half bad, but it also doesn’t taste very good. You can drink it very fast and at vast quantities which is extremely beneficial if you’re just trying to get old fashion pirate drunk. Franzia varies in alcohol content from %9-%12. If you’re trying to get real fucked up and play some old fashion slap the bag this is the booze for you.

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