In Today’s media there is a lot about fraternities getting negative media attraction because of them really doing some messed up and just unethical stuff to get kicked off campus. To get kicked off campus at major University is a fairly difficult thing to do. Here is a list of five fraternities and what they did to get booted off campus.


Banned Fraternities No.1: 

Arizona State University, Sigma Alpha Epsilon

These guys probably have a mental disability or need to check into a rehab center ASAP. Joining a fraternity it is extremely important to be your brothers keep SAE at ASU just didn’t understand that. In December 2012, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at Arizona State University engaged at a social event at a local bar called Cadillac Ranch. A pledge of the fraternity Jack Culolias was missing for a few weeks with very little effort from the fraternity to help find him. He was eventually found dead by drowning in the the river behind the bar. The family was devastated and pursued lawsuits against the National Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and the bar. This alone should have been enough to get a fraternity kicked off campus, but the school didn’t kick them off they were just placed on probation and sanctions were filed against them. These kids are so dumb within six months they were able to get themselves back on national news with another stupid antic. A 19 year old member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in June of 2013 in engaged in some sort of drinking competition and consumed up to 20 shots of tequila. 20 shots is a godly amount of booze for someone to consume. His so called “brothers” noticed that he was having trouble breathing and was turning blue. They tried to take care of him at one of their off campus houses, but nothing seemed to be working. They then decided to take him to a hospital Tempe St. Luke’s and left him with a post it note saying “I have been drinking a lot please help me.” He blew a .47 to put that into perspective the legal driving limit is a .08 and .5 is death. These kids need help or some sort of counselor. Thank the lord they finally got kick off campus after this last antic.

Banned Fraternities No.2:

Ole Miss, Sigma Phi Epsilon

In the deep down south there has always been some altercations with racist and downright unethical actions. Three dumb ass members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon decided that it would be a good idea one night to get their chapter kicked off campus. The three members of the chapter went on to campus at night and tied a confederate flag noose around a statue of James Meredith. James Meredith was the first black student to ever attend Ole Miss. After the noose was found on the statue the chapter expelled the three members that took place with the incident. The University started an investigation after the incident and found many extreme hazing allegations and sexual misconduct allegations and decided to kick them of campus. These kind of actions hurt the image of the all fraternity chapters across the country and really just fit into the terrible stigma of what a fraternity is. It’s safe to say that these kids are voting Trump.


Banned Fraternities No.3:

University of Kentucky, Phi Delta Theta

When talking about fraternities there is always that bad joke like “Don’t go to that Fraternity you’re going to get roofied.” When it comes to the Phi Delta Theta chapter at the University of Kentucky that is actually a real thing. A female who attend one of their fraternity sponsored event reported to IFC (Inter Fraternity Council) that she had given a drink that she looked to her as a crushed pill in her drink. Three other students other also had attended the same party reported that they felt effects other than intoxication after having a drink at the Phi Delt party. After this situation the chapter was put under investigation and found that they had been serving  underage students at that same party with about 20 to 30 active members there. The chapter was charged with possession and distribution of a narcotic and dangerous drug and were removed from the campus. This type of fraternity makes me sick instead of getting to know a girl and make a connection they decide to drug them in order to try to take advantage of them to get them to agree in sexual acts. Screw these guys they are literally creepy, virgin, goobers.


Banned Fraternities No.4:

University of Maryland, Delta Chi

Every fraternity in the country has an event called a formal in which they go off campus to a hotel somewhere and spend a weekend with your dates. It is usually a great time filled with making memories with your fraternity brothers. The University of Maryland Delta Chi chapter had a formal in Pennsylvania and balled out just a little too hard. Again, formal is about having a good time and making memories but Delta Chi left the hotel with $20,000 worth of damages. The chapter had been in trouble with university for about two and a half years with different types of situations. One of them being not meeting the GPA requirement their GPA was 3.26 and it dropped to 2.61 by the end of the semester. Another reason why they were getting kicked off is because one of their “satellite” houses off campus had been engaging in non stop partying and had been causing ruckus for the neighbors and the local police department. The accumulation of all of this problems that the Delta Chi chapter had with the University lead them to be kicked off campus. this just goes to show that one big thing can snowball into another and can result in your chapter losing its charter. These guys didn’t really do anything too bad but they couldn’t stop partying and that will come around to bite you in the end…..Also $20,000 worth of damage is a huge no no.


Banned Fraternities No.5:

Indiana University, Alpha Tau Omega

Stupidity is something that everyone has experienced in their time in college. Just this situation that the Alpha Tau Omega chapter at Indiana University put themselves in has to be one of the stupidest things yet to come up about fraternities. An active member of the fraternity was filmed performing sexual acts with two strippers in front of a large crowd as members and pledges watched and cheered on from the crowd. From the video you can see that alcohol is being passed around as well. Also the video was taken during an unauthorized event involving about half the chapter membership. This combined with their huge over the board hazing allegations combined to kick Alpha Tau Omega off campus. It is one thing to get a couple strippers for he pledges and to have them show them a good time, but it is another to get them to act like escorts or prostitutes and to film it and then put it online. That is the real epitome of stupidity and they are asking to get kicked off campus after doing that. A rule of thumb is if you’re doing something sketchy don’t film it, or just don’t turn your chapter’s house into some sort of a brothel.


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